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Private Investigator in Brantford

Serving the Brantford area


Our team of Brantford Private Investigators are whom you need when hiring a local investigations firm. We have conducted countless Investigations throughout Brantford and the surrounding cities. When you hire a Brantford Private Investigator you are really hiring an investigations firm who has local relationships, local knowledge, coupled with local Private Investigator talent and experience.

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What does a PI do in Brantford?

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Brantford Private Investigator Services

The Investigator’s clients can ask for investigations in Brantford on a wide variety of topics:

Brantford Investigations

A Brantford Private Investigator is a civilian in the employ of a Brantford Ontario private investigations company hired to investigate “subjects” by a client. In Brantford, the customer of a PI agency is known as the "client." The “subject” is usually a person or persons but can also be a Brantford business. The customer can be an individual, corporation, and even an Ontario government agency.


What Does a Brantford Private Investigator Investigate?

The Brantford Private Investigator can investigate a wide variety of things; however, Private Investigators in Brantford Ontario mostly investigate insurance fraud for insurance companies.

  • However, with the rise of digital technology in the modern age, more Brantford PI agencies are specializing completely on cyber investigations.

Brantford Private Investigators typically take on investigative cases that do not fall under the purview of an ON government agency, such as civil matters while ON government agencies will cover serious criminal cases. Because a Private Investigator is just a normal Brantford citizen, they do not have any special investigative privileges. A Private Investigator in Brantford ON has the same power/ authority of any Brantford citizen with the exception that a Brantford PI is allowed to offer investigative services to customers (clients) and has the expertise in investigations. The cost of a Brantford Private Investigator depends on the type of investigative service offered and the level of skill of the Investigator.

Brantford PI Clients

The most common clients for Private Investigators in Brantford are insurance companies, law firms, private corporations, and ordinary Brantford citizens. Investigations conducted for these clients will frequently involve potential fraud. Other clients in Brantford will want to obtain more detailed information in order to adjudicate or manage an insurance claim. Many of these cases are mitigated through the hiring of a Brantford Private Investigator. They can include both surveillance and non-surveillance efforts.

Brantford investigations often obtain more information faster than legal processes such as discovery (the pretrial disclosure of relevant evidence), thus providing the Investigator’s clients more information for decision-making.

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Brantford Background Research: Using the Internet as an Investigative Tool

Often the largest part of a Brantford background check, the Investigator will utilize the internet/ Google as an investigative tool to research the subject's personal history:

Obviously, searching social media platforms will be an important part of this Brantford background check process. 

However, a lot of information can be found on a resident outside of social media. There could be many mentions of the person on various websites. Many people have a rudimentary grasp on searching the internet via Google. An average person could find a few pieces of information when searching on the internet. However, a skilled Brantford Cyber Investigator will be able to find all relevant information and be able to accurately verify and document it properly. This is why, even with a simple background check task, an experienced and skilled Brantford Cyber Investigator should always be utilized.

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Our Brantford Background Investigation Services

  • Civil history

  • Domestic investigations

  • Corporate & limited partnership searches

  • Credential verification (consent required for personal) 

  • Criminal history

  • Bankruptcies, liens & judgments search

  • Business license

  • Business name search

  • Driver history (consent required) 

  • Education verification

  • Employment verification

  • VIN searches

  • Media searches

  • Multinational searches

  • Death records searches

  • Officers/ directors records searches

  • Personal reference verification searches

  • Landline ON phone number searches

  • Professional license verification

  • Ontario property ownership searches

  • Toll free number searches

  • Ontario vehicle and vessel searches

Local Brantford Experience & Local Expertise

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