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Cyber Background Check London Ontario

A London Private Investigator cyber background check is just one of the multiple research services a Cyber Investigator will perform in London Ontario. Performing a cyber background check will consist of discovering or verifying historical facts regarding a London citizen, or sometimes a London organization.

However, background checks in London are often conducted on citizens for the purpose of employment screening for local businesses. The amount of time a background check takes will be dependent on how deep the check goes. Background checks in London can involve researching criminal history, credit history, social media presence, past education, employment history, references, and a London resident's personal history. These cyber background check investigations often occur at a desk and utilize the internet (cyber background check) in-conjunction with multiple phone calls.

London Ontario cyber investigators in office

London Background Check Databases

A big part of performing a London background check will involve verifying a citizen's past history using databases accessed by London Private Investigators, some paid databases and also free to use ones. A London Background Cyber Investigator typically uses a paid Ontario government database to access information regarding criminal history. However, just simply discovering London court records is usually a service that the ON government jurisdiction offers for free. However, with a London ON Private Investigator service, those records can be found much faster. Often, a London Private Investigator will lookup a citizen's ON court record for free and resort to paying for a criminal record check if court records are found.

  • This is a task that a London PI can do faster and at a lower cost than the average person.​

Unlike searching for court records, a credit history check will often require the Cyber Investigator to pay for accessing the Ontario database that holds financial records.

London ON cyber investigator at desk

London Background Check: Phone Calls

When conducting a background check on a London citizen, an Ontario Private Investigator will often perform a fair amount of phone calls if the client requests. This happens a lot when verifying educational degrees or employment history. Often, the London Cyber Investigator will contact the educational institute via phone and validate the degree with the school's records department. However, some ON universities and colleges protect these records. In this case, the London Investigator will have to contact the London resident who is the subject of the background check and get them to contact the ON post-secondary institution themselves in order to access this information. The London citizen will then be asked to request an educational transcript from the school and get the school to mail it to a London address of the Investigator's choosing. This will mitigate tampering of the records document. As with education, researching london references will also require phone calls. The London Cyber Investigator will have to validate that the references are who they say they are and contact them in order to hear their opinions on the subject of the check.

London Background Research: Using the Internet as an Investigative Tool

Lastly, and often the largest part of a London background check, the London Investigator will utilize the internet/ Google as an investigative tool to research the subject's personal history:

  • Obviously, searching social media platforms will be an important part of this London background check process.

However, a lot of information can be found on a resident outside of social media. There could be many mentions of the person on various websites. Many people have a rudimentary grasp on searching the internet via Google. An average person could find a few pieces of information when searching on the internet. However, a skilled London Cyber Investigator will be able to find all relevant information and be able to accurately verify and document it properly. This is why, even with a simple background check task, an experienced and skilled London Cyber Investigator should always be utilized.

Our London Background Investigation Services

  • Civil history

  • London Domestic investigations

  • Corporate & limited partnership searches

  • Credential verification (consent required for personal)

  • Criminal history

  • Bankruptcies, liens & judgments search

  • Business license

  • Business name search

  • Driver history (consent required)

  • Education verification

  • Employment verification

  • VIN searches

  • Media searches

  • Multinational searches

  • Death records searches

  • Officers/ directors records searches

  • Personal reference verification searches

  • Landline London phone number searches

  • Professional license verification

  • London property ownership searches

  • Toll free number searches

  • London vehicle and vessel searches


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