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How to Catch a Cheating Wife

To catch a cheating wife, you must first determine if there are signs of infidelity. If you are looking for a Private Investigator in Toronto ON for a cheating wife investigation, chances are you have seen the signs of possible infidelity by your wife. Most likely, the first indication of infidelity is just having the feeling that something is just not right. This can be followed by a myriad of other infidelity indications. If this is a problem you are facing, a Toronto Ontario Private Investigator defiantly can help.

Signs of a Cheating Wife

  1. You have an instinct that something isn't right

  2. Your wife is more aware of where their phone is and protective of it

  3. More regular instances of you wife being unreachable

  4. Your wife starts to work out more and focuses on their appearance

  5. Your wife's job habits change, with excuses to work late

  6. Your wife can’t account for spending, cash and credit cards

  7. Your local Toronto friends, that you share with your wife, seem different or uncomfortable with you

  8. The relationship has a lack of sexual and emotional intimacy

  9. Dating sites are advertising local Toronto ads to their social media feeds​

  10. Your wife is angry and deflective about the topic of cheating

The Instinct of a Cheating Wife

This is different from feeling insecure:

  • a gut feeling or instinct that resonates much deeper and does not fade

This feeling does not always indicate that your wife is cheating on you, but often is an indication that something has changed or happened that you don’t yet understand. This is something that a Toronto Private Investigator can help you work out.

Your Wife's Cell Phone

Your wife is more aware of where their phone or device is. Furthermore, more security measures will have recently been implemented:

  • Such as, your wife added a password or changed a password on their cell phone.

  • Additionally, when their phone rings while you are together, they are not quick to answer as they have in the past.

Another indicator is that they now take their phone with them everywhere they go, with little to no exceptions.

cheating wife

Your Wife is Unreachable

A common reason someone requests a Toronto Private service for a cheating wife or cheating girlfriend investigation is when their wife begins to be unreachable. Normally your wife answers their phone whenever you call. Lately, they are harder to reach. When they are asked about why it’s hard to get in touch with them when they are close by in the Toronto area, they are dismissive or their explanation is very short and minimal.

Your Wife's New Appearance

Your wife is now buying new clothes and going to the gym. They are now thinking more about their appearance. In many cases, these activities are intensified after they have a significant weight loss, resulting in more attention and an increase in self-confidence.

Your Wife's Work Habits

The routine for their job in Toronto that have been regular with normal exceptions such as projects, are changing:

  • Last minute changes

  • Staying late at their Toronto job

  • Increase in work events or travel

In addition, your wife might be harder to contact during these scenarios.

Your Wife's Finances

If your finances for living in Toronto are transparent, you might notice unusual charges in the bank or credit card statements. You will notice that your wife is carrying more cash and that there is less digital financial history than in the past.

You and Your Wife's Friends

The local Toronto friends that you would normally socialize with might seem uncomfortable with you. Sometimes, one of these friends learns that your wife has been unfaithful:

  • This friend will not know how to act comfortable around you

They don’t want to be drawn into any drama. Your friend will feel burdened with the knowledge and you might get the vibe that they are different around you.

The Intimacy Between You and Your Wife

If sexual intimacy changes in a short period of time, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your wife is cheating on you. However, if emotional intimacy changes, it might be a stronger indicator:

  • As for an example, your wife is less expressive and communicative.

Your wife might not want to spend time together or go on a Toronto date together.

Dating Ads on Your Wife's Social Media

It’s very difficult to hide what we are doing or searching online., Facebook, Twitter, and many App providers are connected to almost everything we do on our devices. We might have secure devices, but the data that we provided these platforms enables them to follow all our moves, interests, wants, desires, and actions. This data is also able to customize what is advertised to us and not just on one App or platform. Meaning if someone wanted to go on a date in Toronto and was searching for dating Apps, they might start seeing constant and regular adds on their social media. If you start seeing ads for Toronto dating on your wife's social media, it might be a sign of infidelity.

Your Wife is Deflective and Angry

Confronting your wife with your fears of infidelity is not comfortable. However, in many cases if someone is truly not guilty of anything of that nature, their first response is not likely to be anger or defensiveness. If your concerns were just fear for whatever the reason, a person who has nothing to hide is likely to take this lightly as if you’re joking and then be reassuring you once they realize you were being serious. Anger or defensiveness is not an omission of guilt, but it often is a questionable initial response.


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