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Is Being a Toronto Private Investigator Dangerous?

No, being a PI in Toronto is not dangerous. A Toronto Private Investigator mitigates the possible on the job risk through skill, intelligence, and experience. So for an unqualified PI in Toronto, yes this industry would be dangerous. These dangers are comprised of two things: Toronto city traffic and criminals.

Jane and Finch

How dangerous is traffic to an unqualified Toronto Private Investigator? In 2018 alone, over 30,000 people died in automotive accidents in the United States. Furthermore, Private Detectives in Toronto spend the majority of their time on the roads of Toronto and its surrounding cities, this amplifies the risk. However, as mentioned before, a qualified PI can greatly reduce the risk of an automotive accident. This is accomplished by mastering Toronto surveillance driving methods.

The Toronto Investigator will utilize three methods of driving when performing mobile surveillance: threshold, offensive, and defensive. The Toronto Investigator uses “threshold driving” to drive as fast as possible while still being in the margin of safety for all conditions, seen and unseen. Defensive driving in the city of Toronto is utilized by the Investigator mostly when in active mobile surveillance in lighter traffic. There are many sub points in this method:

  • Controlling speed

  • Looking ahead

  • Monitoring for everyone in traffic to observe different driving behaviour and or distracted drivers

  • Observing and planning for the expected and the unexpected

  • Being alert and distraction free

  • Being aware

  • Monitoring other drivers in the Toronto Investigator’s flow and other surroundings that might have an impact on maintaining surveillance

  • Preparedness for all sorts of actions and reactions of other drivers and pedestrians

  • Not expecting the other drivers to do what is necessary to conduct surveillance and maintain surveillance

  • Maintaining a safe following distance

  • Considering weather and/or road conditions

  • Adjusting speed before entering a bend, in order to avoid applying the brakes in the middle of a bend

  • Repeatedly tapping on the brakes (activating brake lights) to make the vehicle more visible to cars in behind

As you can see, a Toronto PI who masters surveillance driving can greatly reduce the risk to themselves to a very safe level.

criminal with tattos

From time to time, Toronto Private Investigators will have to investigate known criminals or perform investigations in high crime areas, such as Jane and Finch. A bad neighborhood can expose a Toronto Private Investigator to all sorts of criminal danger, such as carjacking. However, working in crime ridden areas is not as dangerous as traffic due to the fact that performing investigations on and around criminals is more infrequent. As with traffic, an experienced and capable Toronto Private Investigator can reduce the risk that comes with being around criminals. This is done through due diligence, mastering surveillance techniques, and adhering strictly to the risk vs reward principal that Toronto PIs follow. As with performing an investigation on a subject, criminals will be unaware of the presence of the experienced Toronto Private Eye.

Now you can see why being a Private Investigator in Toronto is not dangerous. Being safe on the job is something that comes naturally to Private Investigators in the city of Toronto. Performing investigations safety is intertwined with performing investigations properly. This is true for mobile vehicle surveillance and performing investigations around or on criminals. After you gain PI education and experienced, safety will become second nature.


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